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(1) year lease at a time, after which the beat will have to be re-purchased if still available.


AyeMikey (Michael Davenport) maintains full ownership and may continue to sell the instrumental until an exclusive license is purchased for it, after which it can no longer be sold again. Any artists who has leased the beat before the exclusive was purchased would not be affected until their beat lease contract reaches it's termination deadline. Artist may have unlimited sales and streams within the (1) year lease period.

Leased beats keep the tag of AyeMikey (Michael Davenport),

If the TAG is removed, the artist. must add "AyeMikey" on the recorded Track.

Purchase of the beat is an agreement between AyeMikey (Michael Davenport) and Purchaser and/or Artists performing on supplied beat (track)

All leased beats will be (.mp3) format @ 320mbps

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