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My AfroPreak Experience (Preakness)

Attending Preakness this year was an amazing experience. As a media coverage person, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the festivities and capture the essence of this prestigious event. But let's rewind for a moment to my previous year's attempt to attend Preakness. I was eager to join as a media outlet, but unfortunately, I didn't realize that press credentials needed to be arranged in advance. Consequently, I found myself outside the race track without the chance to witness the excitement firsthand. However, this year was an entirely different story. I successfully obtained the press pass, (thanks to Azikiwe Deveaux of Events4GoodPeople) and from the moment I stepped into the event, my senses were overwhelmed by the stunning sights and lively atmosphere. The horses were a sight to behold, exuding grace and beauty. And the women in attendance, their elegance was unparalleled. The kaleidoscope of colors and fashionable dresses added a vibrant touch to the occasion. All of this was complemented perfectly by the uplifting music that filled the air, creating a harmonious ambiance.

One aspect that truly stood out to me was Preakness's commitment to inclusivity. The event featured a special section called "AfroPreak," which I had the privilege of covering as a member of the media. "AfroPreak", to my understanding is part of a much larger effort spearheaded by Derrick Chase of "Stand up Baltimore" and LaRian Finney of the "Finn Group" to make "Preakness" more inclusive. In my opinion, marvelous job gentlemen.

I was captivated by the dreamy atmosphere and the impeccable fashion choices on display. The music matched the energy of the fashion, resulting in an enchanting experience. The best part was witnessing the African American community fully embrace the event, networking, and showcasing their unique sense of style and elegance. It was a celebration of culture, love, and unity that left me feeling grateful to be a part of it. Needless to say, I captured some truly amazing footage that day, reflecting the spirit of togetherness.

The event also brought together influential African Americans from various fields. Lawyers, doctors, politicians, successful business men and women—each person added their own flair to the occasion. However, what made Preakness truly remarkable was the mix of prominent figures and everyday individuals, like myself, coming together to enjoy the festivities. The vibrant atmosphere was infectious, and it felt like a gathering of Baltimore's "who's who" among the African American community. It was a blast!

See, Preakness historically drawing a predominantly Caucasian audience, took commendable steps towards inclusivity this year. The presence of black-owned businesses and vendors showcased the richness of African American entrepreneurship. From delectable food to refreshing drinks, the offerings were simply outstanding. This event was truly a celebration of excellence and an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the achievements of the African American community.

I wholeheartedly recommend attending Preakness to anyone who has the chance next year. Because of "AfroPreak" The event surpassed all expectations, and I am excited to see what they have in store for the 2024 edition, rumored to be even grander. The moments I captured during this year's event were nothing short of spectacular. Get ready to be amazed!

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