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"Makers of a generation, inspired by a generation"

Coppin state University pink necktie
Baltimore mens necktie
Baltimore custom necktie
artscape Mishoe Neckwear Mike Davenport
New Jersey Necktie Mishoe
Baltimore Neckties

"In 2015, Mishoe Neck Wear was created in remembrance of Andrew Lee Mishoe, the man who tied my first tie, my grandfather. Sadly, he passed in 2000 from lung cancer". 

"I remember as a little boy my grandfather would tie my tie for me. It was interesting because of the way he would do it. See, he would take the tie and wrap it around the lower part of his thigh, just above his knee. Then, he would form the knot and slide down and over his foot to then place the tie around my neck. I remember the smell of  Old Spice and Sulfur8 hair grease as he would hover in front of me adjusting my tie. These are some of my fondest memories".

"Makers of a generation, inspired by a generation"

"Our story"

"I had always been a hands on person. At an early age I took a liking to sewing when I sewed my first draw string bag in home economics class. Though I enjoyed it very much, I didn't really know what to do the skill-set at such a young age. It wasn't until some twenty years later, a marketing degree and career in graphic design did the light bulb turn on. I finally had the pieces to the puzzle".


"Here I am living in my passion and keeping the name my grandfather alive and well".

"My Epiphany"


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