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Baltimore's AFRAM

Baltimore Afram 2023

Wow, what an absolutely incredible two days this was! Everyone was genuinely impressed by AFRAM Baltimore. I had the incredible opportunity to cover the event once again after a break of nearly a decade and let me tell you, it felt incredible to be back on the scene after such a long time away. In the midst of the sea of people, I recognized many of the faces around me, and I also had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of some very interesting new people. The thrill of being backstage and mixing it up with famous people was amplified by the opportunity to make new connections and pick up useful industry tips. The acknowledgment of my years of commitment to this field that I received from those people whose faces were familiar to me meant the world to me because of the encouragement they provided. They were so happy to see that I was still performing "The Damn Thang." I'll be the first to admit that making the switch from Canon to Sony caused me some initial trepidation; however, I'm gradually getting the hang of it, and the shots I've captured are without a doubt good enough for Netflix. It's possible that this is why Netflix has given its stamp of approval to the camera, lol! In any case, I just wanted to let you know that the AFRAM that took place this year was truly unlike any other.

The event's organizers took it to another level by putting on a live wrestling match, which everyone was very surprised by. The kids LOVED it, and some adults too lol.  The park was full with activities, and there were vendors lined up next to each other, luring people with irresistible smells. As the day went on, the atmosphere became infused with genuine joy and carefree vibes, which attracted an ever-growing crowd of over 3,000 people of varying ages and backgrounds. At the event, notable figures such as the Mayor Brandon Scott, Governor Wes Moore, and Reverend Jesse Jackson were in attendance. Backstage, I witnessed a heartwarming sight—a father and his son, seemingly unbothered by any supposed restrictions, made sure to create lifelong memories by introducing the young boy to everyone they encountered. I was amazed when I saw that same little boy seated on Reverend Jesse Jackson's lap, followed by the heartwarming embrace he received from Governor Wes Moore just moments later. Governor Moore truly demonstrated his class and genuine nature during those interactions.

The performances on Sunday were nothing short of spectacular, highlighted by the legendary Isley Brothers and one of my personal favorites, Eric Roberson, taking the stage together. This was without a doubt the most exciting performance for me over the course of the entire weekend. However, to everyone's surprise, while the Isley Brothers were performing, swarms of bugs, possibly gnats, suddenly emerged and covered both the infield and the street where vendors had set up their shops. This unwelcome invasion was quite a sight to watch because Druid Hill Park is such a large space. Nevertheless, in spite of this odd occurrence, I had an amazingly good time. I highly recommend it. Throughout the course of the event, my team was able to capture some breathtaking footage, and I strongly recommend that you keep an eye out for the highly anticipated "AFTERMOVIE."

My daughter, who is three years old, and I were able to celebrate Father's Day together while she watched her father thrive in his element, which was one of the things that made this weekend even more memorable for me. Being able to share the festival experience with my daughter was one of the things that made this weekend so memorable.

Special Shout out to CharmTV and WJZ for letting us claim a corner in their tent.

The AFRAM Festival was a success this year, leaving an indelible mark on the dynamic city of Baltimore. The excitement level throughout the entire city was through the roof, and the event itself was truly unparalleled.

Here are a few shots!

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